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Software – MetrologEVO

Metrolog EVO is the easy-to-use, portable measuring device oriented 3D measurement software especially suited for portable inspection devices.


Product description

Easy To Use. Powerful. Efficient.

Metrolog EVO is the easy-to-use 3D measurement software that has been specially configured and developed for use only with selected portable inspection devices.

Built on the renowned and well-proven X4 architecture, we have integrated a simplified operator oriented interface to unleash the power of Metrolog EVO, thereby addressing all of the advanced capabilities you really need to satisfy your day-to-day Geometric and Free Form measurement analysis requirements, all within an easy-to-use and efficient user interface but without the “bells and whistles” of highly complex CMM software.

Metrolog EVO – Functionalities

Prismatic Measurements with Real-Time Results Updates

Throughout the whole measurement process (probing, constructions, definitions, …) you can access your ongoing measurement results to monitor your inspection. While probing or scanning, all the feature characteristics and results (dimensions, form fault, …) are computed for you and displayed in real-time.



Surface Measurement Provides Powerful Inspection Capabilities

CAD based measurements and analysis is made simple. Live colour mapping is displayed from Point Cloud projection or basic hard probing measurements directly onto the CAD mathematical data, enabling you to obtain real-time surface analysis. All types of free form features are included in Metrolog EVO such as section, surface points, colour mapping rendering as well as free form related GD&T evaluation tools including advanced best fitting algorithms …

Surface deviation can be simply reported using static pictures or shared dynamically using the Metrolog X4 i-Viewer.

Programming / Re-Run for Multiple Part Inspection with On-Demand Reporting



Thanks to the completely new feature-oriented part programming engine and it’s easy-to-use interface, re-running a full inspection process with advanced visual assistance becomes easy and efficient.

It is also possible to directly design and print reports using our step-by-step guided reporting wizard. In this way, you can rapidly create or customize your own graphical or listing-based inspection reports, rather than saettle for the basic templates. All the feature’s characteristics can be clearly displayed in a customizable sticker/balloon for a detailed and comprehensive report. These reports can be printed or accessed live using our global and free i-Viewer inspection data sharing software.

Superior Performance with Large CAD Files and Point Clouds


Metrolog EVO 64-bit architecture benefits from the superior performance of today’s computer systems. The software is optimized to easily handle large volume data sets to facilitate not only Point Cloud acquisition but also fast processing.

The X4 software architecture provides the capacity to :

– Import and manipulate huge CAD files and assemblies

– Import or acquire large Point Clouds that can be easily displayed and manipulated

– Perform reliable feature extraction and fast colour mapping, directly from your scan data

Large Scale Metrology – Your Perfect Partner !


Metrolog EVO is your ideal partner for large scale metrology applications, such as those found in the aerospace and ship-building sectors. The software can easily handle data collection from several stations, with Metrolog EVO helping you to solve Large Part measurements with a simple approach. An advanced bundle module computes collected data from the different stations, taking into account existing environment and measuring device uncertainties.

Making it even easier for the operator, Metrolog EVO is fully compatible with the X4 i-Remote application, allowing you to remotely control your device using any portable device (compatible with Android, iOS, Windows,…). Metrolog X4 i-Remote is the ultimate remote control when you are measuring far away from the computer station.

Compatible with all Major Brands

Metrolog EVO is available for supply with most of the major brands of portable measuring devices, including Creaform, Leica, Faro, Nikon, Romer, Kreon, etc.

Metrolog EVO is available in 3 standard package solutions ;

Metrolog EVO for Laser Tracker – package dedicated to standard 3DoF laser trackers

Metrolog EVO for PoD – package dedicated to portable optical devices, such as the HandyPROBE and MetraSCAN 3D by Creaform

Metrolog EVO for Portable Arm – package dedicated to portable arms with a line scanner or probe system